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Law Office of Marco Di Gregorio

Legal advice and representation in court

 Via Francesco Lemmi 4
00179 Roma
Tel. 06 929 178 85 - Fax 06 233 222 315
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Legal protection and electronic transactions


Civil and Commercial law

I am experienced in almost all types of business transactons from formation to dissolution of a company.

I drafted contracts for a variety of corporate transactions and agreements such as: license agreements and supply contracts, leases, confidentiality agreements, international business partnerships, etc.

The most common areas of practice are: Contract negotiation and drafting, legal counseling and representation in court for for individuals and companies (real estate contracts, credit recovery, recovery of damages as a consequence of both contractual and tortious liability, company law, copyright, trademarks, designs, patent protection, etc).

Other matters of interest are: privacy law, consumer protection, legal assistance for starting up little and medium sized companies in Italy, legal assistance in acquiring the Italian citizenship (including cases where dual-citizenship is possible).

New technology and computer law

I have obtained a “perfezionamento” in both IT Law and International Commercial Law at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

I routinely deal with software protection, copyright, intellectual property law, digital assets protection over the internet, domain names protection, legal advice related to web site building and electronic commerce.

Mediation and dispute resolution

In 2004 I have attended the international postgraduate course on “Mediation and dispute resolution” held at the Humbolt Universität of Berlin in collaboration with the Tulane University School of Law. The course included professional instruction on mediation law and practice, including all aspects of mediation training deemed to satisfy the basic mediation training requirement for court appointment as a mediator pursuant to many American state statutory and court rule standards.

I am a Conciliatore (Mediator) of the Chamber of Commerce of Latina (LT) since 2006 and, in the same year, I have contributed to found the association CESNACOM (European Center for professional negotiation and mediation).

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